Power supplies and converters for transport​ion applications

We assist our partners in the transport sector by designing and manufacturing AC-DC and DC-DC converters according to the specific needs of each of them.

converter for railway application
Nous accompagnons nos partenaires du secteur des transports dans la conception et la fabrication de convertisseurs AC-DC et DC-DC en produits semi-standards et sur-mesure, suivant les besoins spécifiques de chacun d’entre eux.

Trains, trams, metros, buses,… are exposed, in the long run, to severe environments with extreme temperature variations, dust, shocks, vibrations, humidity, as well as voltage fluctuations and transients of the electrical equipment.

Power density is critical due to the need to power a myriad of functions in a small form factor: power control, computer and signaling system, auxiliary electric doors, lighting, communication, entertainment and screens equipments…


Conversion technologies designed exclusively for your needs!

You need to adapt one of our standard products or start with a tailor-made design?
As soon as an application cannot be satisfied (dimensions, insulation, standards, cost, etc.),
Power System Technology design office provide you with a “full custom” developments.
dcdc converter 320W heatsink option

Design office

Our technicians and engineers respond to your technical issues with responsiveness in our own design office: reinforced environment box, conduction, natural or forced convection, radiation, etc…

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