Real-time production tracking


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The value of digital manufacturing for product traceability and production follow-up.


Real-time production tracking for a smarter industry


At Power System Technology, we design and produce high-performance power supplies for a wide range of industries : renewable energy, healthcare, industrial machinery, avionics,… From standard products to full custom, we consider and respond to clients throughout every stage of our product lifecycle.


Since our main focus is to promote an environment of continuous improvement and risk reduction, our products are designed and manufactured in-house in our facilities (Normandie, France). It ensures our customers high-quality control and traceability. The EN 9100 and ISO 9001 certifications serve as a roadmap for Power System Technology and authenticate the application of the highest quality standards.


Power System Technology invests in tech and software to offer full control of the process : we are able to map the whole manufacturing journey in real time through barcode follow-up. Our computer system monitors the products progress across all our operations and learns the average time spent on each step, so it can anticipate any delay. Our customers are included during the whole journey of their product development, thus benefiting from a less unpredictable future.


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