Linvest,  holding of Power System Technology, CDF Electronique and Trygone Industrie, provides full services in electronic design, assembly and integration in its 1700m² facility for high added-value equipments, throughout their life cycle.

Electronic Design

> AC-DC Power Supply and DC-DC Converters
> Electronic development
> Simulation and modelisation (PSIM, PSPICE, Solidworks)
> Components placement and PCB routing
> EMI qualification
> Functionnal tests
> Obsolescence Management
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PCB assembly subcontracting

sallecmslogo-trygone-violet> Quick prototyping to high volume manufacturing
> Procurement
> RoHS or SnPb
> DEK printing, SMT pick and place Mydata MY15 (up to 0201) and BTU reflow
> Conformal coating with varnishing robot
> Cyberoptics Automatic Optical Inspection

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System integration and harnesses

alimcdfdetoureecdflogo> Cabling and harnesses
> Cabling manufacturing and marking
> Connector mounting
> Rack and system integration
> Electrical cabinet wiring and automation

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